About Economy Candy

Since 1937, on the Lower East Side Economy Candy is an old-fashioned, family-owned candy store that sells hundreds of kinds of chocolates, candies, nuts, dried fruits; including halvah, sugar free candy and of course all the old time candy you had when you were a kid.

When Jerry Cohen's father opened Economy Candy in 1937, it was a typical corner candy store of its day. Bulk bins full of colorful hard candies enticed youngsters with their panorama of choices. Guys could buy their dolls a heart-shaped box of chocolates when they had trouble expressing themselves in words. Barrels in the back yielded a geography lesson of nuts from around the world. The hard times of the Depression were easing up, the grim specter of war-to-come wasn't yet hovering over American shores, and television was a scientific marvel that was unlikely to have any practical commercial application.

"Nosher's Paradise of the Lower East Side"

Years later, the Dow Jones is soaring to previously unimagined heights, military actions are measured in days, and computer-literate three-year-olds are unnervingly common. And the former youngsters of 1937 still visit Economy Candy for a scoop of goodies, a bag of pistachios, or a slice of halvah like you can't get anywhere else. And their children and their children's children shop there, too. This old-fashioned candy store offers SOLID DISCOUNTS on everything from sour balls to upscale chocolates.

What makes Economy Candy so popular and what has maintained an astounding level of customer loyalty is that adapting hasn't meant abandoning its essential quality as a neighborhood candy store. While trying many new items throughout the years Jerry Cohen who now runs the store with his wife Ilene and son Mitchell says "you need to have whatever it takes to get people in." Sugar-free and low calorie candies, gift baskets and hand-dipped chocolates are among the products that filtered in as the inventory changed to reflect the changing urban landscape.

Economy Candy also known as the "Nosher's Paradise of the Lower East Side," might have a "old fashioned style" but is still moving with the times by providing customers with the electronic convenience of being on the internet, so that people across the nation will receive the highest quality and best variety of merchandise. Whether you feel like a nut (cashew, brazil, pistachio or walnut) or a dried fruit (prune, apricot, peach or pear) or even if you crave the sweetness of chocolate (milk, dark or white) you are part of a country-wide tradition that looks to Economy Candy to satisfy its cravings. After you place your first order you'll agree.

What People Are Saying About Economy Candy:

"Best variety for candy and nuts"

— Zagat Survey

"Best from Scoop to Nuts"

— New York's Best-Kept Secrets by Mike Michaelson

"Best Penny-Candy Store"

— New York Eats by Ed Levine

"Best Discount Candy Store"

— New York Press

"The penny candy store elevated to an art form"

— Gourmet Magazine

"The place for gourmet gluttons"

— Frommer's Family Travel Guide by Bubbles Fisher

"Willy Wonka's dream"

— Finders Keepers Good Stuff by Meredith Wollins