Terms of Service

Please see our FAQ for further information

#1 All names and address's entered are the responsibility of the customer. Any address that needs to be corrected by UPS in order to be delivered, will be billed to your credit card (cardholder) as UPS charges $11.00 per address correction. Please doulbe check for corrections. This includes hyphens(-), street, road,place, ave, lane, way, etc and the spelling of all names and words. ** UPS does not ship to P.O. Boxes without an actual street address **

#2 Orders to warm weather states, including the state of New York, Economy Candy can not take respnsiblilty for shipping perishable items. Customers choosing to have perishable items shipped under warm weather conditions need to understand that while we try our best to package the items properly, we can not guarantee that the items will not melt. Customers must take full responsibility for ordering items that are heat sensitive, i.e. chocolate, halvah, gummy candy and nuts. These are examples but are not the only items to be considered.

#3 Please inspect your package immediately upon receiving. During warm weather, be sure to store your items properly. Economy Candy is no longer resposible for any items and how they are stored once the package has left our premesis.

#4 Declined Transactions:

*Our processing system does not approve or decline any transactions. It only communicates with the card issuer and verifies the information the customer has entered. Please contact your bank or credit card issuer and verify the information they have on file.

*Funds are not automatically deposited into our account when the order is placed. We have to manually go into the authorizing site and except the payment.

*A Declined transaction does not allow us to retrive the funds and an order will not enter our site for processing if the transaction is declined.

#5 All shipped orders are no longer the responsibility of Economy Candy once UPS or USPS has possision of the package. Should your package arrive damaged, and your package was shipped UPS; Economy Candy will put in a claim for the damges. However, this does not gaurantee that UPS will reimburst the cost. UPS does not assume resposibility for perishable items.

#6 We DO NOT except returns on any food items. Should you need to return any NON food items for any reason, returns will only be honored within 10 days of the date the order was placed. In addition, the customer must take full responsibility for shipping the product back to Economy Candy, including shipping cost. Customer also understands that when the refund is issued, it will not include the cost of the original shipping and handling charge.

#7 Item sizes vary even if the weight is the same. We offer options for flat rate priority that will only apper as an option if the weight of the package qualifies. However, some items due to the manufacturers outer packaging, will not fit in a flat weight box.

When possible, We will remove the items from the original packaging and repackage it so that it may then fit in the flat rate box selected. If the item does NOT fit in the box at all, the next size and/or shipping method will be used. In this case, the customer will be notified and additional shipping charges will apply. Below, please find the sizes of the priority boxes. Please be aware of the size of the box and the possible size of the items ordered.

SMALL: 8" 5/8 X 5" 3/8 X 1" 5/8 $5.20

MEDIUM: 11" X 8" 1/2 X 5 1/2 $11.95

LARGE : 12" X 12" X 5 1/2 $14.95

#8 Economy Candy is not responsible for any typographical errors. Price changes and availibility may change without prior notification to any of its customers.